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walking in fields

Heres a few screen shots from Walking in Fields. It will be released tomorrow so Ill post the link up then. Thanks to Josiah for helping me film. Im really happy with it


Reading the book mentioned earlier
Listening to Enjoy Your Rabbit



Hello! Exhibition opening was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who came along, really meant a lot. Im impressed we managed to get it finished (poor Adrian waiting for my images to swap!) I came back from an impromptu weekend trip to Wellington Monday morning and begun painting sometime mid-afternoon – yes three days out from installation day. Haha seems Bec was on the money when she mentioned our Last Minuteness.. nevertheless it was completed!

Heres a few happy snaps from the night (thanks Adrian!)

my first realistic self-portrait – 1 hour til hanging and its still drying.. whoops

and one for vanity.

New Year Resolution #7 complete. Happy hap.


Next on the cards is a trip to the homeland, Japan with my dad. His new passport was delivered just 3 minutes ago so its all systems go now! Really cant wait. Dont be surprised if I dont come back.

Love in the Time of Cholera
Cirque Du Soleil: Journey of Man 


So Ive a spare minute to update you on all things exhibition! Surprisingly its coming together (yes ill admit I had my doubts).  However, yesterday was a very horrible day. Couldnt draw or paint which made me feel very much at odds with myself and so I became a Very Angry Person. Two days to complete a body of work and no ability to create such a thing! Youd be angry too.. Thankfully though, after a day of Mentally Preparing Myself while at work (ie.. ignoring the situation) Ive managed to get some things done tonight. thank god. Ive still to re-do my self portrait, but that can wait til 3am.. Ive got time…….

sneek peek

Talk soon x

Listening The Illusionist OST
Reading The Art of the Hobbit

a hundred

happy 100th post! I know I’m fairly slack at posting often, but I am proud that I’ve kept it up at least semi-regularly. Heres to a hundred more I guess!

I went to visit my Pop this weekend down the coast. His place will always be one of my favourite in the world. City living leaves me smog-minded a bit too often and going to his place tends to rid those cares, or at least help me see through them.
This is a picture of my favourite road

As usual I took more books than clothes (ps found the most sweestest bookstore on my way down! books circa 1830s!! bliss) and happened upon this, its taken from Drawn to Life Vol 2 by Walt Stanchfield:

I know its lame but I dont care. I think I’ll take these on as my new years resolutions.. speaking of resolutions! Last week I spent some time writing down what I wanted to achieve this year (yes, I do love a good corny list). One thing on my list was ‘I want to exhibit’.. I put down my pen and not even a minute later an email appears in my inbox from the other half of Boom Blip Blip asking if Id like to exhibit at Bohemian Grove.. Um?! haha of course I said yes and of course the exhibition opens in less than one month and of course I have nothing yet prepared. I’m sure you’ll see more updates on here though as things (hopefully) get moving.

Anyway, here are three pictures I painted while I was away. And I’m thinking of putting them up for sale.. how exciting! Let me know if youre interested and you can have first dibs.


Reading A Tale of Two Cities
about to watch Persepolis
Wishing I was in Emeryville, CA

havent drawn for awhile. almost forgot how to. or maybe i have. not sure where to go.

Ok Computer


here’s a picture. probably ruined it with the pen. not sure how to finish it. a frame might be nice.

Jeff Buckley
Playing Beatie Bow 


today was meant to be the day to film the Karoshi clip for Walking in Fields but Zeus had other plans. Instead of a beautiful golden sunset we’ve been blessed with grey skies and showers for the evening. Harumpf. We did get a few test shots to play around with grading and focus.

Listening The King of Limbs
Watching too many episodes of Arrested Development


tonight was a tad exciting. to cool myself off I thought I should post a picture of a water elf

and here’s another. I made this for my sister


listening to one dollar records from vinnies
reading; yes still the appendices


I did warn you I may become obsessed…

This one is thanks to the beautiful Sam Nagle who showed me this link. If you’d like one I can make you one. Perhaps I should sell them?

I found this in the thrift store on Thursday. I thought it so pretty that I must share it with you. It was $1! What a steal!


Listening Have One On Me Joanna Newsom
Reading The Lord of the Rings: The Appendices


just a quick little sketch.
he keeps all the maps in a small burrow filled with leaves. he will also sell you lost and found trinkets if you need.

l Cryptograms
r The Hobbit (again)

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