by samaetha

sorry about the month long hiatus! haven’t been able to pick up a pencil lately and only recently Ive begun to scribble again. Sometimes its really hard to know where to begin when youre overwhelmed by what you see other people creating. Feeling artistically inadequate is possibly one of the most crippling feelings.. You doubt your work could be meaningful, question if its worth it, afraid to even try. UGH! Horrible. 

Anyway, I should probably inform you (whoever you may be) I quit my job! Im now a lone wolf. Going to  try my hand at this art thing and see what happens. Im terribly afraid but also excited.

So now, with all this time on my hands, Ill hopefully. no. no hopefully.. I will be starting another animation! Still a few loose ideas floating around.. might make the catamation from a few posts ago or maybe try my hand at a stop-motion. Or maybe Ill just make a terrarium.

Either way, Im going to stop taking the easy road. 


PS I visited the Ghibli museum last month. Another dream come true! The place was possibly the most magical Ive ever been to. Came home with a new baby to add to my heroes collection..



speak soon, I promise x