by samaetha

I’m sure you’ve heard me mention I’ve been thinking of setting up a little shop. Well, it’s not up yet.. still working through a few exciting ideas first.. BUT I am eager to start selling my work! I have no idea how much it’s worth and have had difficulty deciding on price, so I thought I’d conduct a little experiment. The price is completely up to you! The selling of these pictures will function similar to a silent auction. You email me with which image you’re hoping to snap up and who ever emails by 11:59PM Sunday 1/4/2012 with the highest $ will win their chosen picture! All images are originals, one of a kind and will come framed. (please note, postage costs not included)

This will be fun


25x30cm (framed)


25x30cm (framed)


14.5×14.5cm (framed)

samaetha [at] gmail [dot] com

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