by samaetha

Hello! Exhibition opening was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who came along, really meant a lot. Im impressed we managed to get it finished (poor Adrian waiting for my images to swap!) I came back from an impromptu weekend trip to Wellington Monday morning and begun painting sometime mid-afternoon – yes three days out from installation day. Haha seems Bec was on the money when she mentioned our Last Minuteness.. nevertheless it was completed!

Heres a few happy snaps from the night (thanks Adrian!)

my first realistic self-portrait – 1 hour til hanging and its still drying.. whoops

and one for vanity.

New Year Resolution #7 complete. Happy hap.


Next on the cards is a trip to the homeland, Japan with my dad. His new passport was delivered just 3 minutes ago so its all systems go now! Really cant wait. Dont be surprised if I dont come back.

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