a hundred

by samaetha

happy 100th post! I know I’m fairly slack at posting often, but I am proud that I’ve kept it up at least semi-regularly. Heres to a hundred more I guess!

I went to visit my Pop this weekend down the coast. His place will always be one of my favourite in the world. City living leaves me smog-minded a bit too often and going to his place tends to rid those cares, or at least help me see through them.
This is a picture of my favourite road

As usual I took more books than clothes (ps found the most sweestest bookstore on my way down! books circa 1830s!! bliss) and happened upon this, its taken from Drawn to Life Vol 2 by Walt Stanchfield:

I know its lame but I dont care. I think I’ll take these on as my new years resolutions.. speaking of resolutions! Last week I spent some time writing down what I wanted to achieve this year (yes, I do love a good corny list). One thing on my list was ‘I want to exhibit’.. I put down my pen and not even a minute later an email appears in my inbox from the other half of Boom Blip Blip asking if Id like to exhibit at Bohemian Grove.. Um?! haha of course I said yes and of course the exhibition opens in less than one month and of course I have nothing yet prepared. I’m sure you’ll see more updates on here though as things (hopefully) get moving.

Anyway, here are three pictures I painted while I was away. And I’m thinking of putting them up for sale.. how exciting! Let me know if youre interested and you can have first dibs.


Reading A Tale of Two Cities
about to watch Persepolis
Wishing I was in Emeryville, CA