by samaetha

well hello! I just realized today I haven’t told you about the costume design course I went to last week! Well, there really isn’t much to report.. I went in there thinking I would come out with an actual design for a costume and possibly something that I made, but that didnt happen. I came home with a lot of torn pages from the October ’99 issue of Vogue glued to paper and some shitty sketches of characters from plays that I really didn’t care for. Go me. I guess what I didn’t realise was how seperate costume design is from costume making, apparently they’re on two different planets! Which makes sense, I mean you can’t expect a genius designer to find time to stitch 45 pairs of pantaloons for a period piece. It sucks though because I love having control over my ideas and I love bringing things on paper to reality. These two occupations apparently don’t co-exist. Unless you’re Richard Taylor.

Anyway, the main thing I got from the course was that I do really like making things and no amount of crappy course will deter me from this. In fact, its made me want to make things more than ever. Which is great but also equally bad because it  realise how much I need to leave my job. Wait, thats probably more of a positive. Either way, I’m in the middle of drawing up some designs and sourcing materials etc so when I have some more pictures I’ll definitely post things. I’m also in the middle of planning a new video clip! This ones for a Sydney band called Karoshi. Their music is honestly beautiful and I think it may be my favourite release for this year. Have a listen. I’ll post some more details as the project evolves.
Aaaaand finally, I’m illustrating the second of three EP’s for Lessons In Time. I’m thinking of building off the illustration I drew for the first EP but we’ll see how it goes. Wow thats too many words.

Make sure you make something or find something tonight.



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