by samaetha


hello hello! much to catch you up on!
last saturday I went along to a hand lettering workshop held by Gemma O’Brien at the Paper Mill. I loved it! To start with we went through a couple of exercises to get us thinking about the forms that make a letter and how line communicates particular meanings. We were also given a letter at the beginning of the day that we were to illustrate for an upcoming exhibition she’s curating at the gallery (There were 26 of us at the class..so one each). I got the h. Which I was rather happy about because h’s have nice serif options and pretty swirly loop options; my favourite things. but AHHH I must diverge for a second.. I was green at all the books she had for us to look at!! There was one particular book published in the 1920s I think.. maybe 30s of all different typefaces and layout principles. Probably the most beautiful design book I’ve seen.. move over Garamond Premier Pro! I have a new favourite wanky-font-obsession. haha thanks pretty book. (PS the font is called Nova.. and please, for the love of God DO NOT GOOGLE IT! It’s impossible to find!.. If you did.. do you reeeeeeally think I’d love those?! No way! I’ll find it again one day I promise)
ANYWAY! The reasons behind my h, other than my lust for watercolours, is I feel that type seems to follow a very strict set of rules, which I love and loathe, so I decided to create a letter that was a mess constrained by its boundaries, conflicting yet submitting with the order and rules it must follow as a font.  We spent about 40 minutes designing our letters and this was my final design.

As usual, even when producing a ‘polished’ work I still seem to make a mess… Anyway, it was really nice to be in a room again with people of similar mind and interests. I know it sounds dumb and naive, but it’s something I’ve really been missing since finishing uni and spending all day in retail. Must find more classes! Or a new job.. Either way Saturday was great.

(can you see the u? thats jos’! It looks even better in real life! He’s seriously one of the most talented drawers I know. And Irene’s is the pretty swirly k, her work lately has been especially amazing.)

Sunday my sis and friend were drawing on the road with chalk and being all inspired by pretty letters I joined and drew this. I like it. And thanks instagram for the mad sick kool filter.

I spent last night drafting the rest of the alphabet to match my h. (Sorry about the lame photo, was hoping to scan it but technology is against me tonight.)

So a very productively unproductive week so far. Planning to draw more faces on the weekend thought because of this guy.

R The Great Gatsby
L Karoshi Sleepwalker
And finally watched The Castle of Gagliostro.

Always love x