spirit fingers

by samaetha

good good morning!
I’ve decided that I’m calling September “Learning About Things I’ve Always Wanted to Learn About and Pursuing Them In The Form of a Class” month. Thats right, I actually enrolled in the costume design class! I’m nervous as hell though.. the class is at NIDA and they seem very professional and serious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m serious about this business.. I just don’t know how well my lack of skills will be recieved ha.. oh well.. I’m one step closer to working for Weta haha.
This Saturday I’m also attending a hand lettering workshop at The Paper Mill Gallery in the city (Thanks Irene!!!). I’m really excited for this one, I have absolutely no idea what to expect or what to bring for that matter but lots of friends are coming along so it should be a lot of fun. I’ve been a bit obsessed with typefaces the last few months so I think this will help direct my font-qi in a positive flow.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been making a mess, one of my favourite things to do..

I’ve always wanted to be a sculptor.. not in a conceptual way but in a design kind of way. Ok, that sounds wanky.. Basically, whenever I’ve  watched film documentaries and making of’s my favourite bits have always been the costume design and the miniatures/character moulds sections. I love seeing an idea on paper fleshed out into a feel-able object and seeing how a character exists in real space. (God, I rule at explaining myself.) Anyway, this week, and considering my lack of skills, I’ve started simple and made these guys.. you may recognise them from Cover.. and I guess all this means I’m two steps closer to working at Weta!

bahh photos reveal all flaws! But they look pretty on my window sill and I suppose thats all that counts. The taller one I tried to paint and that failed big time so I washed it off.. it’s still sporting a tinge of orange though hehe.. not too sure if I should try painting them again.. maybe later..

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I need to find a new idea to sculpt before I end up with hundreds of these, I’m already a tad obsessed.

L Rounds Four Tet
R The House at Pooh Corner A A Milne
W way too much Black Books

I’m off to buy some flowers & sunshine