by samaetha

hello again! I’m currently writing with the biggest snuffle face on earth. I spent all day sneezing in customers’ faces and asking “cab I help u wif anyfing”.. so on the whole, not my most charming day. But that aside, I did get the chance to paint this guy before I started work.

I know I’ve said this before but I’m still not sure how to actually finish my drawings. I was thinking of putting them through photoshop etc but all my attempts so far have been pathetic. I kind of like them just on white, but that doesnt show much skill to any future employers. I’ve tossed around the idea of enrolling in a few post-grad design courses to sharpen my skillz but I feel like I’d be wasting my time. Sydney doesnt have much to offer unless you have $20k plus tucked up your sleeve. I’ve decided I’ve been very bored lately though and need something to get my mind moving. I think a costume design short course could be my answer. Who knows.

On another note, I recieved a package today from my cousin Emma (I LOVE packages!) but how cute is this little guy!? Emma made him! Wait, her! And she makes so many other pretty things. Looky here!

And check out the material on her dress! It’s the bunny I drew for her logo! Made my snuffle day sunny.

How are you?

L: Blonde on Blonde
And finished reading: Tekkon Kinkreet. It’s quite possibly my favourite graphic novel I’ve read. The illustrations are beautifulllllllll.

Goodnight and sunshine