promise fulfilled!

by samaetha

so it’s taken me.. hmm… 10 months to get around to showing this properly.. but its finally here!! (very sorry about the delay).. to be honest, this was the first time I’ve opened it this year and I’m surprised I still like the final product. Hope you like it too, or not.. let me know what you think. It was painted with watercolours and then re-printed at uni (the printing ladies and gents at cofa are so lovely)  the printing looks better than the original paintings and that’s always a blow. But at least it looks nice. I’ll some day post an extended edition which I made for an illustration class (I love being pro at cutting corners with assignments..)

I think I might make another packaging thing. Not sure what yet. I like making them though. Which is surprising because I usually hate anything that is tedious or time-consuming. But now I think of it, everything I like to do is tedious or time-consuming. Eg, making of documentaries, reading, animating and now package design. I feel like I live in one big contradiction. Do you? I mean, life never lines up. But I guess you’ve gotta be ok with that. I don’t think I’m ok with that, soon I will be. Hopefully. Only in the last week I’ve realised that my paintings are very bright and colourful. I didn’t think I was a rainbow. And I don’t know if that makes me happy.
I think so.

Listening to Grandaddy
Reading shitty motivational quotes
Liking Sona

Windmills xx