Hello again

by samaetha

Its been a bit too long i think! Just wanted to let the interweb know im alive and drawing!
I spent most of the afternoon scribbling up a few more designs for the Hucker & Bird logo (a beautiful band i’ll be collaborating with over the next couple of months). Ill be emailing them off soon so once theyve had a look ill post them here as well 🙂
Its been really fun putting official designs together.. Makes you really think about what your doing, how and why. You cant just scribble something from your ass.

Today i read an old essay i wrote for art in year 11. It made me laugh. I was an angry lady! I hated postmodernism!! Ill have to write some up here cos its funny as.

Also… Viceroy is nearly finished! Yippeeeeee!

R: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
L: Unknown Mortal Orchestra