by samaetha

Here’s another image from Viceroy. The film is nearly finished and should be released in the next coming weeks.

I haven’t drawn many pictures this last week as I’ve mostly been working on projects that you can’t see til they’re finished (o0oo0 suspense.. ha) but that’s exciting, because it means I’m making things other than scribbles in a sketch book.
and guess what! I’ve been asked to illustrate some things for the beautiful song ladies Hucker & Bird. Can’t wait to meet and discuss what they’d like and start on an adventure with them! Really stoked for all these opportunities that have popped up over the last few weeks, I’m so thankful. I wonder where its going to lead. Hopefully I’ll plan my time well enough to begin animating again. I know I say this at least every second post! But its seriously something I wish I was doing.. (and yes I know, just do something! easier said then done…)
The view from my window at the moment is very pretty. I hope yours is too, x