by samaetha

Yesterday the weather man said this:

So we were a bit worried with filming this morning but thankfully only the clouds greeted us
as I promised earlier, here are some stills from this mornings shoot! (I apologise for the quality, they’re just grabs from the footage)
I think they’re pretty. They need a bit of grading work though. Hopefully the shots work nicely with the music.
It was good to be out filming again. As much as I’m cursing the small hours of sleep, I figure that dawn is beautiful and I should be happy to see it.

while I’m here I mays well post some more houses I’ve drawn. It’s become a slight obsession, maybe even some form of mania. I’m thinking of having the house with the two tentacles as the cover of the first EP I’m drawing for (obviously a much nicer version..) We’ll see.. Hope you like them and I hope you’re also drawing, photography, writing or making of some descript. Make sure you do. It’s good for you.