no alarms

by samaetha

my dearest friends! i’m sorry to have alarmed you! please stop worrying! i’m not not drawing anymore! There is this hmm.. philosophy I suppose that I’ve worked with since high school..I never used to be able to draw, or think for that matter.. the hours I used to spend imitating others, trying to make ‘cool’ art, only to be frustrated that it wasn’t ‘good enough’ eventually led me to give up on it all and to anti-draw. that is, to draw without drawing.. ok that also sounds confusing… hmm, i’ll try and explain. it first led to experimenting with different styles, filling up art diary after art diary (although at the time not nearly as many as my best friend ..) with random ink blobs, phrases, sketches, photos (looking back it was pretty corny haha). Anyway, I started drawing with my left hand to make drawing ‘good’ an improbable.. (I made it my new years resolution to become ambidextrous – yay me.) and you know what, some of those drawings from then (the ones that were done in this anit-art frame of mind) are still some of my best and favourite works; mostly for sentimental reasons because i’m sure if you’d seen them you’d spit on them and laugh in my face.

but anyway, the point is don’t fret.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been a bit lazy with my drawings, mostly out of frustration that they aren’t good enough or aren’t what I originally intended. But thank God I’ve snapped into a better frame of mind.

This made me starting thinking properly again. Thanks Walt Stanchfield..

Living with the sameness of our drawings and our ability month after month is a trance former. The trance envelops us slowly so that we are eventually numbed into an inability to spot our defects. If such is the case, there is a need to be transformed. But how to do this? Especially if you don’t feel a need to improve, or if you do – don’t feel you have the time and energy to act on it. There may also be that debilitating cult of “waiting for the light to come on.” Believe me, the light isn’t going to “come on” – you have to turn it on yourself.

So I suppose thats what I’m trying to do. To forget about drawing and actually start drawing. The opposite of this

Still reading The Steampunk Bible
Listening to the above link
Still watching Mad Men Season 2
And liking this blog