why I eyes ya

by samaetha

I miss animating. I know I’ve only ever really made one animation, but I miss it a lot.

Anyway, today has been a good day. I feel happy when I draw, and when I’m not drawing I think about drawing, and thinking about drawing makes me happy. So happy haps all around.

There has been one sad thing that has happened today though. A very sad thing. On the train this morning I dropped my favourite pen. It rolled onto the floor and through peak hour feet. I tried to find it but the train stopped. And I had to leave without my pen. I don’t know what I am going to do. I’ve seemed to misplaced my second favourite pen as well. All my lines are clunky. Clunky clunk. Maybe it’s time to find a new pen. Or some kind of writing/scribbling implement. Either way, here are some eyes and a face with large teeth. When I start to draw eyes over and over again somethings about to change.

What do you think about throwing stones at kites? And I have a picture that Josiah drew, you’ll see it soon.

sleep tight

L – Caribou
W – Two Towers
R – Is. 60