by samaetha

wow, it’s been way too long. a lot has been happening over summer and I’m pretty excited about a few projects in my boat at the moment.
As of 53 minutes ago, I just finished filming another video clip for Telafonica for their new single “I Can Hear There’s a Peace in the Dark”, which will be released sometime in the next coming weeks. its a nice little video of an idea Adrian had. ill upload a link when its online.

the one i’m most excited about (and the project that will probably get most of the attention on this blog) is again for Telafonica and is a series of short films, tied together into one, that will be released with their next LP.  i’m collaborating with Josiah Eastwood (who, by the way, is freaking awesome at making things look good).  its still in early production and we’re still throwing ideas around, but it will be both live action and animation mushed together and narrative driven. all i’m saying for now though is that sesame street is proving to be very inspirational.

sketches and more ideas will come soon i promise!