by samaetha

Here’s the post I’ve long been promising!

Cover is coming along nicely and I’m finally beginning to see some progress in my work. I hope to finish the rough cut by Friday which will hopefully give me enough time to really figure out the timing and the dynamics of the piece as a whole. I have eight weeks until it is due, and I seriously hope I can finish it in time (and finish it well for that matter..)

Here are some stills from the project..

Still need to add smog and sludge..

Still need to add flying birds.. and also hair.. haha

The boat will eventually be a fish..

And  the fish will also be in this shot.. eventually..

I know these pictures aren’t very exciting, but I love them because I know I’m finally getting somewhere. They still need a bit of work.. but hoorah for a draft!!!!

I should also give a shout out to Telafonica (the kind band who are letting me animate for them). They recently uploaded a free mix tape to their blog which I’ve been listening to all this afternoon and it is quite beautiful. You should check it out here: http://telafonica.blogspot.com/2010/08/4-4-2-music-mixtape-vol-1.html

I’ll be posting some day time sketches again soon (although I’m slowly turning nocturnal.. so I may have to call them night time sketches).

Have a beautiful evening